machine shop

Our machine shop equipment allows us to undertake general machining jobs of small and large dimensions .We are taking pieces up to 55 feet long center to center. Our overhead crane handles up to 25 tons.Our skilled workers have attained the company's higher standards of skill and competence.

4 axes boring

Tooling shop including the manufacture of standard parts. Rebuilding of all type of turbines.

Thrust alignment
Efficiency analysis
6 ft diameter X 55 ft long leathe
Electric Arc
Concrete mixer
12 ft X 17 ft long
We do decorative machining!
Here above, machining of a styrofoam egg.
Tooling shop including the manufacture of standard parts. Rebuilding of all type of turbines.
All types of valves Heat exchanger Cylinder heads All types of pumps
Hydrolic systems Injection systems Thrust units    
Fuel lines Gamajet units (rotary jet cleaner) Separators    
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MALLOCK reputation has recently reached the glamourous baseball major leagues when obtaining a contract for the fabrication of three giant baseball bats to be part of the Detroit COMERICA PARK emblem located at the main entrance.

Stade Comerica Park

Durability of its products and the unequalled reputation of MALLOCK team in its trade have motivated the Detroit Tigers management decision.


These giant baseball bats are 80 feet long by 6 feet diameter and weigh 19,000 pounds!


CONGRATULATION to every Mallock employee for the accomplishment !

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When is comes to special machining Mallock have the knowledge and the
expertise to machine akwords parts. Since we developped onsite machining Mallock use
their equipments to do the inhouse machining that needs special treatements.
When is comes to boring machine, lathes, drill presse, milling, presses,
keyway, honing, welding, grinding, electroplating, metallizing
and mecanical repairs Mallock as the expertise and the knowledge.
Mallock can modifie equipment to have better life, better range of wear and
tear,to improve productity.

Mallock is in bussiness for 35 years to serve industries like petrolium,
plastic,rubber, ships , vessels, woods, pulp and paper,
hydro, mines, quarries,reffineries,mismachine parts, machines shops,
bridges, locks, steel , titanium, mills, steel mills, copper mills,
tranportation, textiles, railroad.

Mallock will repair, compressors, granulators, motors, tractors, extrudeurs,
turbines,pumps, presses, convoyeurs,
slitters, shafts, paper rolls, printing rolls, valves, etc.

Mallock has a world wide expertise in vessels repair such as , dampers,
sleeves, pumps, hulls, roders, gear boxes
fluid drive, piping, engin blocks, crankshafts, crankshaft polishing.
Mallock will go as far as Halifax and Newfounland to do some vessel repairs.
Mallock can weld steel engin blocks cylenders.
Mallock can repair hydraulic pumps.

Mallock developped over the years an expertise in welding, stitching,
brazing cast iron, nodular cast iron,grey cast iron,malleable cast iron,
compacted graphite cast iron,white cast iron and alloy cast iron  .
Stitching cast iron is preferable to all because of the absence of heat ,
expansion, cristalization and deformation of the parts to be repaired.
Cast iron have a thermal conductivity  therfore the stitching application is
preferable to all techniques.
The thermal expansion can be also great depend of the alloy content in the
cast iron so stitching applies.
To prevent the overheat of cast iron we use the cold weld application call
stitching. Cast iron have a tendancy to develop hard spot
on the welded zone HAZ so again Stitching is well appropriate.