All our employees have been selected in accordance withMallock basic requirements for skill and behaving which assures you of our competent and assiduous attendance at work. Take advantage of the following services:

We will be pleased to quote on your repairs after on site estimate of the damaged parts.
Work Planning:
We will study and analyse various procedures, in order to minimise costs and provide the highest quality work performance.
Our work is guaranteed to previously agreed standards. Efficiency certificates will be issued if required. All parts repaired in our shop are tested to your specifications.
Transport and handling service
Air freight available
Service of Specialized
Over the years, we have assembled a team of experienced and efficient specialized mechanics. They rapidly identify the problem to deal with and propose workable and economical solutions.

While we operate in all areas of mechanical engineering, certain activities have become specialties of their own as:

our specialties
Diesel motors
Pumps and turbines
Heat exchangers
Cooling radiators
Dust collectors
Installation of heavy machinery
Rubber mixers (Bambury type)
service offer
purchase order