mobile service

MALLOCK Ltd offers machining service on the job site. You reduce waiting time when you call on our mobile team.

We can provide you with several services at YOUR OWN PLACE as: lathe, milling, boring and grinding.

on site
Dryer roll machining
Mill guides machining
Electric motors base
Redressing and machining on site crankshafts
On site bearing holder boring
Cylinder head stitching (Metallock)
Cylinder head grinding
Metallizing, spray coating
Bore and rework (babit) bearn holders
Cast iron stitching, etc.
outside holding flange facer
inside holding flange facer
Grinding or machining on the site
Big crankshaft polishing and redressing
Machining shafts on site
27 inches long X 27 inches diameter
Portable boring/internal welding machine that can weld
and bore from 0'' to 40'' inside diameter
on site welding

Our Mobile Welding Shop is also at your sevice. From a simple call we will end up on your job site to perform any welding work required as:

Sub-assembly parts
High pressure welding
Hard filling
Rebuilding rotors or rubber mixer chambers, etc.
service offer
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Line Boring by Mallock
Line boring takes time, particularly if you have to dismantle the machinery
for transportation to a workshop. We do line boring and inside welding up to
40'' on the same set-up on site whenever possible so you save both time and
money or it can also be carried out at our workshop if you prefer it.
By applying the skills learned over a number of years ( 35 years ), and
continuously developing equipment for the tasks required, we lead the
development of special purpose machines and techniques for the accurate
machining of plant and equipment onsite. Line boring of mill gearboxes,
screwdown bores and crop shears are some of the activities we carry out for
the metal production industry. We realise the enormous forces, pressures and
temperatures, which the machines in this industry are subjected to.
Assisting companies in their regular maintenance and shut down work as well
as major projects form part of our daily activities. We welcome partnerships
and liaise with our customers to plan, co-ordinate and execute projects. To
find out more about this process and other services we offer please contact
Line boring main & auxiliary engines and gearboxes, stern tubes/'A' brackets
and rudder bores are some of the services we offer this industry. You can
rely on us to  provide a fast and efficient service to all ship owners, ship
builders and ship repair yards who wish to use our expertise in this field.
We carry out boring and all other types of onsite machining for
manufacturing, quarries, mines, pulp & papers, plastic, rubber, machine
shop,  power and petro-chemicals industries in addition to those previously
mentioned. We offer the same high standard of work, whoever our
customer.Also, we provide a range of other services such as stitching
casting repairs, thermal spraying, advanced welding, pump
repair/refurbishment and alignment for the repair and upgrading of plant and
machinery. With technicians  available at short notice to travel, we are
organised to provide a rapid response service to deal with emergency
Our website contains further information about the many
industry sectors we are constantly serving and the types of work that we can
carry out.