metallisation center

Mallock management is particularly proud of the accomplishment from its metallizing service. Innovation combined to the expertise of our highly skilled work force is accountable for our success in the surface finishing area. Our technicians are constantly after most recent technologies or processes available on the market to ascertain that they will be in the position to offer the best quality service to our customers.

HVOF : Metallizing process for dense deposition and outstanding bonding of large lot of powder material sprayed at 8 times sound speed.
Plasma Spray Metallizing: For dense deposition of materials as ceramics or tungsten and including a roughness control operation.
Conventionnal Metallizing Spray: For ferrous and non ferrous materials (bronze, babbit, etc.)
Electro Plating Build up: For tin deposition of all type of marerial
type of work
We fill in the support extent of pumps shafts with ceramic to give them a second life duration.
We recondition diesel motor cylinder blocks which would normaly be disposed of.
We work surfaces to compensate for abrasion, erosion, heat weakening, etc.
roll repair

Winder rolls are sprayed with tungsten. *Process entirely developped by MALLOCK

Depending on the surface it is applied to, it will be softer.
Advantages for this application to the traction rolls are:

Improve the grip eliminating the flotting effect, therefore increasing productivity.
Improve the paper roll stability reducing material waste due to lacing
Reduce noise.
Electro-Chemical process for bearing fits
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