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Since our founding in 1971, casting repair has been the base to our building a reputation for excellence.

The cold stitching process exclusive to MALLOCK has made us known throughout North America. This process makes possible repair of cracks, porous surfaces or split parts by stitching without any risk of crystallization nor alteration of the framework.

Repair of a 200 tons X 15 ft diameter hydro turbine. On the site, we repair 8 cracks of 18" X 1-1/2" deep by our stitching process

This technology will allow to accept hydrolic pressures of over 10,000 pounds depending on the cast iron part original capacity.

The Mallock Cold Stitching Process was developped as a result of studying all existing casting repair processes and combining their main advantages and characteristics.
Photo Mallock

This process has proved very reliable in industry for the following reasons:

It is suited to and can be used for any type of casting, whatever the alloy, age or frame.
Tension and heat affect neither the moulding nor the composition of the casting.
We garantee a permanent repair on any casting, even when access seems impossible.
Finally, our various testing technologies certify to the quality of our work:
Pressure testing
Stitching process
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